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To develop the Network of R&D centers to apply a competency-based modular development approach. Besides Professional development Factory F/X is also committed to provide professional IT training services to individuals and organizations through its Education Division, Academics (UPDESCO). 
The broad goals of Factory F/X application development include strengthening the economic base of the nation, developing human resources and workplace ethic, as well as increasing productivity.

01 The Research & Development Division helps its clients in choosing the right kind of technology for their specific needs. This Division also helps its clients to either adopt existing technology as per the requirements or get itself a customized/tailor made IT solution. This Division has added yet another feather to its cap by offering web-based services to its clients.
02 Consultancy Division's prime objective is to provide an efficient system to the client organizations in their different areas. It is a dynamic and technically sound division of FACTORY F/X whose range of activities includes Planning, Implementation, Management, and Development.
03 Preparation of new and efficient courses, feasibility report for corporate training, preparation of training analysis and final report, Development of Examination/Quality control standards and implementation of new software in education as tool for effective placements of participants.


"Thanks to the everyone involved, and keep up the great work guys!"
Nidhu Kedia


"Great job, guys, keep up the great work!"
Vibhu Agarwal

MD-Jaypeeco India Pvt. Ltd.

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